The IIT-JEE Journey

4 min readJan 9, 2022


Ek baar 10th karlo, uske baad to araam hi araam he. (Once you complete your 10th grade, you will relax your whole life.)

Ek baar 12th karlo, uske baad araam hi araam he. (Once you complete your 12th grade, you will relax your whole life.)

Ek baar JEE/NEET dedo, selection ho gaya to life set ho jayegi, araam se lakho ki job milegi. (Once you clear JEE/NEET, you will relax your whole life and will earn hundreds of thousands (lakhs) of rupees.)

If you are an IIT JEE aspirant then I know you must have heard these quotes now or then from your parents, teachers, elder brothers, or your friends. Millions of students each year are forced to choose the IIT-JEE journey even without asking what really interests them.

Now if you are already on this journey then there is no point in finding what motivates you to do engineering or why you chose this journey. The more important point is to reach the end of this journey.

Since it is my first post let me tell you about my journey to IIT Kharagpur and will explore more parts later on so do subscribe to me for my upcoming articles.

My JEE Experience

My story is no different than the majority of students and my journey too started with Kota, Rajasthan. I took admission in one of the most prestigious coaching institutes in Kota, Rajasthan in class 11th for the IIT-JEE preparation. Now, why did I choose this stream? To be honest I didn’t have an answer back then and I still don’t. Just because I was above average in class and enjoyed Maths a little more than Biology I choose this stream and as you know there was never a third option. I was also told the above three quotes repeatedly during my school days.

Now the preparation begins, in the span of two years I faced many difficulties just like any other JEE aspirant. If I try to write them some of them includes not being able to understand concepts in class, lack of attention, diversion from the target, several health issues, and last and most frustrating not being able to solve question even after multiple attempts.

Now, I will not address the solution to the problems in this article as I need material for my upcoming articles too 😉. But one thing I gained over these two years is the “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude which not only helped me in cracking IIT-JEE but also the life after it.


Okay, I know most of you opted for it because you don’t know what to do in life and I think 99% of 16 years old children won’t know.

You were either dreamt of living the after JEE life by your parents or you just took it because you had no other option.

Now, let me tell you the truths of a post-JEE life.

Firstly, you will get a bit more respect as compared to your cousins in your family gatherings or society in general 😁. You will be living a great campus life for four or five years which will be memorable for your whole life even after the boys: girls ratio being 5:1(All thanks to the girl’s special reservation). You will get to explore different things be it music, drama, entrepreneurship, sports, dance. You name the field and you will find your alums there. You will be given a little preference above others in almost everything but………

life is not as easy as it seems. The pressure of performing well in academics comes here too but here it converts into Peer Pressure. You will have the pressure of getting a good internship or placement to fulfill the expectations of your family. You will have the fear of becoming a failure on campus. You will have the fear of all your friends getting placed while you are not even eligible to give the tests. You will have the submission deadlines which won’t be extended no matter the reason but……….

What saves you here is also your “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude that you learned during JEE preparations.


If I say nothing happens, then I am telling a lie. But if you never did the hard work you know you should have done then there is no point in getting disappointed and if you have done the work it deserves then I know you will be in a college unless you have very hard luck on your side.

And as one of my teachers always kept saying which I still follow is “Zindagi me jo bhi karo iss tarah karo ki jb results aae to ye na kahna pade ki I could have done better” and if you failed even after your hundred percent then you never failed it is just that this destiny is not made for you.

With that GoodBye…..until next time.